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We welcome session enquiries from submissives, fetishists, novices and experienced players alike, provided our interests and characters are complementary.

We are looking for those who wish to embrace life. We will help you to realize your submissive, masochistic or fetishist passion.


At the Provocateur Noir  you can enjoy the feeling of living a unique moment, from planning your tastes and limits, then slowly succumbing to the power flowing from our eyes and then very soon to kneel, anticipating the orders.



If you are looking for the Mistress for whom to be at her feet, the Machiavellian instigator of your sufferings or the Venus to follow to the finest private parties, then we are looking for the same.


Forget about the clichés of dark, underground dungeons. We offer peace, balance and beauty.




The Ladies of Noir


Head Mistress:  Goddess Maria


Asian Kinkstress:  Delia London


submissive:  Chloe St. James


Switch:  Jadin West


submissive: Karissa Kamile




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The                Deviants

Goddess M

Delia London

Chloe St. James

Jadin West

Karissa Kamile